Montessori At Home

A Special Workshop for Parents


This Online Montessori Course is designed for busy working parents to learn the essence of Montessori and implement it at home with their children. 

During this workshop, you will ... 
✅ Have access to video recordings of our 3-Hour Montessori at Home Workshop that we conduct every month at Sunshine Teachers' Training. It will be like you are sitting in our classroom.
✅ Be able to access, play and replay the video recordings for two whole weeks from your smartphone / laptop and learn at your own pace.
✅ Will be able to comment, ask questions and connect with other parents as well


You will have an understanding of what Montessori is about and learn some principles that you can apply at home


You will learn how to set up your home environment, how to get started and materials that you can prepare at home


You will learn how to implement Montessori with a better understanding and in a more meaningful way

"There is so much information of Montessori online that it can be quite confusing for parents who want to start using 'Montessori at Home' the 'RIGHT WAY'. Once parents understand the Basic Philosophy and Principles of Montessori and understand what they are doing, then it will be more meaningful and children will benefit more. My mission is to educate parents, teachers and Principals on learning and understanding how to implement Montessori the "RIGHT WAY' and not just randomly purchase materials and do activities with their children."

Sony Vasandani B.Com; M.Ed
Founder & CEO
Fee: Rp. 280,000

You will have access to the videos for 2 weeks


No Certification will be issued

There are no assignments in this workshop


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"I was interested in child education recently, especially with Montessori Method. However, I had no idea where start. By joining this workshop, I found out how to do Montessori At Home and it is easier to see example directly than just reading a book. Thank you Sunshine Teachers' Training"

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