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What is the BASIC Online Montessori Intensive Course (OMIC)?

OMIC is a Fast Track Workshop created by Sunshine Teachers' Training for individuals who are not able to commit to getting a Full Montessori Diploma Certification due to time, distance, and/or other circumstances and would like to just take up a short course to learn Montessori. 

Montessori Intensive Course is a 5-Day course that we conduct in our center covering 20 hours of learning. This online version is a video recording of the course. It will be like you are sitting in our classroom.

1/  You will learn the essentials of the Montessori philosophy and principles, plus over 77 activities that you can implement with your 2-6 years old IMMEDIATELY.

2/  You will have 100 DAYS access to 88 video recordings of this Course.

3/   You will be able to learn ANYTIME and from ANYWHERE using your Smartphone or Laptop.

4/  You can Play and Replay the video as many times as you need.

5/   You will receive support and have your questions answered as you learn. 

6/  Montessori will no longer be a Mystery for you :)

Normal Fee: IDR 2,900,000

50% Discount till the 15th of October 2019

Discounted Fee: IDR 1,450,000 (1xPayment)


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How is MIC different from a Diploma Course?

First of all - this is a Basic Course that covers only a part of what we do in the Diploma Course. Also, Unlike our Montessori Diploma Online Course, there are no assignments or exams in this Basic MIC.

Is there an ADVANCE MIC?

Yes... we will be launching Advance MIC towards the end of 2019. The Advance MIC will cover all materials that you can implement with your 3.5 to 6 Years old. However you will need to complete the this Basic MIC to do the Advance. 

Will I get Certified on completing this course?

No. If you would like to become a certified Montessori Directress, you can join our >> Online Montessori Diploma

What are the lessons like?

Here are a couple of videos for you to preview...

"The teachers in school are doing very great with the online course! We are now familiar about looking into the child's eyes and see their eyes lit, imagine that happened to your teachers... it's awesome! They found their faith back in Montessori, and we've been training everyday for an hour together as much as we could. I told them that they are in a very special situation since they can practice whenever they want with complete material every day. They also realized that it's not as easy as it looks, so they've been practicing it over and over. Thank you so much"

(Principal & Owner of Greenville Montessori School, Makassar)

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