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Let's Learn and Grow Together

A Note from Sony Vasandani, B.Com; M.Ed

Montessori is so much in demand today...

More and more parents are implementing Montessori at home with their children to help them become more Independent, Focused, Responsible, Respectful and to give them a great start to their early learning journey!

Preschool Principals and Teachers are also learning Montessori and implementing them in their preschools and classrooms.

Why is this happening? 

Most are realising that our Early Childhood Education system needs a BIG change and there is plenty of Brain research that supports Montessori as one of the most effective teaching methods for children in their early years.

I, Sony Vasandani, have made it my Mission to spread Montessori Method to as many parents and educators around the World... so together we can then set the change that is much needed  for the children.

I will continue to share all my knowledge and experience so more of you who are interested may benefit. 

Over the last 13 years, Sunshine Teachers' Training has helped educate, trained and shared Montessori with over a hundred thousand people around the World... 

And ... we will continue to do so! 

Let's learn and grow hand in hand for the benefit of our children and community!

Watch this video to learn about What Montessori really is about!

What is Montessori?


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